sábado, 19 de março de 2011

Não é o suficiente

It hurt to realize that not mean to you half of what you mean to me. There are many evidences that there will be more than good friends. This is great because I love you! You're an odd person, so I admire you so much. But alas it is not enough. My world came crashing down at that exact moment I realized that I'm not going to pass that, from a friend. Can I be for you all the best that there is more that has become so small that I do not care. What's the point of all this, if you can not realize how special you are? I'd give anything to have you here, and I would give even more to have the courage to say everything I think and feel, but I'm so afraid of being hasty to the point of putting their foot. I do not know why more fear and insecurity only appear when they should not, or when I really like and I'm afraid of losing.
My challenge is to walk alone, waiting time in our destinations do not expect to look back on peace which brings me to the absence of his gaze.

2 comentários:

  1. Texto perfeitoo linda! =)
    Bel legal, bem profundo.. lhe desejo toda a sorte do mundo!

    Bjss :*