sexta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2010

I will try until the last second of my life

I know I should not be coming here in a place that has become so public to write what I feel for you :\ but I can not hide how much I miss you, how much I want you by my side, how I will be so much happier if I have with me. I do not know how you did not believe me, why do it? Why not trust me at that moment, however difficult it was for you. I tried every day and try to forget or at least pretend that did not happen. And our dating just did not work. But I can not, it is so much stronger than me. It's a beautiful feeling, and true, this I can assure you. Until today, many people ask why she had come to an end, and I still do not know the answer, but for me it was by what he told you :x was the worst and greatest lie ever invented about me, and you not realized this :\ chose to believe that claiming to be your friend but that's okay... Ah, who I'm kidding (?) Okay my ass! :~ You say you love me, and I suspect for me the worst possible way :'( I wanted to be yours forever, and you do not care. Today your silence hurts more than any word that can come out of your mouth with respect to which we live. I can not and do not want to forget what we live, but I need :'( I gotta get you out of my heart, I want to love someone else, someone who deserves me, love me, trust me, not deceive me, who is man enough to say what he wants with me. Perhaps this person has come, and I do not want to see, in fact I want to do, but I'm so afraid to break again, that I can not trust anyone. Today I thought more about you than myself, I know it's wrong, but I could not avoid :~ when I saw your life in my orkut my heart missed rip my chest was so happy. And I'm not resigned to the visit, I hours of my day looking at every one of your friends, looking picture by picture, community by community, pathetic, I know it's been inevitable. but I did not want to love you more than anything else in the world, knows of a more thing, I will try until the last day of my life, I forget. Today, I'm giving up on you.

Today I give up! But not for fear of fighting, but rather for not having the strength to suffer.

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  2. - talvez, pensei e espresei o que sinto. acho que voce deveria fazer o mesmo :x