sexta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2010

You in me

My intention was to grab you, hold you in my arms, kiss you, have you to myself again. I know this is impossible, and it kills me inside every time, I remember that I lost :\It was amazing that feeling, my God! See you again after so long, I feel so close to me, feel the warmth of your lips on my face, and feel the touch of your hand, I did go to heaven at that moment was beautiful *-* know that you do not stopped a moment to look at me, was the best thing in the world, even making me cool, it all made much difference, because the way we get there we facing a fleeing from another's eyes, made me realize is that there is still something, and I was not the only one who noticed it. I blame myself for this feeling still exists, however that is not entirely my fault, if I had avoided one days, today would still be best friends :\ but it was good to have happened, maybe it happened at the wrong time, or not know there! You know, is very important that you know this well, know that you're happy while you're away I worry you, I'm afraid that something will happen, and I'm away, or I do not know what happened :x even though not nothing will happen, that worries me sometimes.There's more to get away, I have hope that one day you come back, but I can not stand here waiting, will you decided not to return, is that you decided to try with someone else, the disappointment will be greater, and this causes me fear, because I do not know what I could do if it happens to be :x only thing I need to know is why you're running from me, why not talk to me, not like before :\ hurts me , and it hurts a lot. Wanted at least you did not close his eyes to my love, because it is a real sense at all to be thrown away. I love you still, and I know you know this better than anyone else, so why was far, then why have not I tried? I'm here waiting, I want to be happy with you, and nothing can change that.

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